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[Photos] From the National Geographic Archive, Slices of Life in 1952 Vietnam

Mostly taken by National Geographic photojournalist Joseph Baylor Roberts, these excellent shots are among the best images of 1952 Vietnam that one can encounter.

A worker inspects the quality of rubber sheets. Photo by George W. Long/CORBIS.

Making an incision on a rubber tree to collect the sap. Photo by George W. Long/CORBIS.

An American tourist enjoys a sip of rượu cần at a Central Highlands village. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

A Thai lady carries her child on the way home. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

Two Thai ladies shield their face from the sun. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

Plowing the field using a water buffalo in northwestern Vietnam. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

Chinese immigrants work on a sail on the beach. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

Two Hue women pose for a photo atop a cầu khỉ. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

In Hue, a father and his son channel water into their field by pedaling an irrigation machine. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

The verdant nature outside of Hue's Imperial City. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

Võ Chuẩn, a Nguyễn-dynasty mandarin, in his office in Hue. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

Traveling on a thuyền thúng. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

In Bien Hoa, an art school assistant introduces a figurine to a French couple. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

A caretaker lights a giant swirl of incense at a temple in Cho Lon, Saigon. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

Students of the Indochinese University (Université Indochinoise) at 19 Le Thanh Tong Street, Hanoi leave school for their lunch break. In 1952, the school became the University of Hanoi (Đại Học Tổng Hợp Hà Nội). The building is now under the management of the Vietnam National University-Hanoi and currently houses the Hanoi University of Pharmacy. Photo by Joseph Baylor Roberts/CORBIS.

[Photos via Flickr user manhhai]

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