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44 New Caves Discovered Near Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

On August 6, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park authorities announced the discovery of 44 new caves, bringing the total number of known caves in the area to 405.

As Vietnam News reports, the caves were found in Minh Hoa, Bo Trach and Quang Ninh districts following work by the park’s researchers.

All of the newly discovered caves are actually known as wet grottoes and were found in the national park’s buffer zone — they are part of the oldest, widest topographical layers of the park.

Vo Van Tri, one of the researchers, told the news source that they have completed the initial process of investigation, which includes locating the caves' precise geometric co-ordinates – a process that aids conservation.

Last year, 58 new caves were discovered in the area, and it’s likely that many more remain undiscovered.

A number of the caves — including Son Doong Cave and En Cave — have become tourist hotspots. A cable car has been proposed in the area, but faces widespread opposition and may not be given a go-ahead. 

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