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Cambodia Deports Another Group of Tourists for Nude Angkor Photos

Another week, yet another group of international tourists was deported from Cambodia for taking “nude pictures” at the holy temples of Angkor Wat.

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Last Friday, Americans Lindsey Adams, 22, and her 20-year-old sister Leslie visited the Preah Khan temple where "They lowered their pants to their knees and took pictures of their buttocks," Keat Bunthan, a senior heritage police official told Channel News Asia.

According to the Asian Correspondent, the duo has since been deported from the country after receiving six-month suspended sentences and $244 fines. They are barred from reentering Cambodia for four years.

The incident comes a week after a similar episode wherein three French men were deported for taking nude photos at the same temple complex, perhaps for a sexy calendar.

“They said their goal was to take nude photos to keep as souvenirs, but we believe that their intention was to use the photos in publications such as a calendar,” Prosecutor Koeut Sovannareth told the AFP at the time.

And let’s not forget the three Europeans who rode naked through the Cambodian countryside last month.

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