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[Photos/Video] Train Of Typhoons Threaten Asia

Asian nations are bracing for a trio of typhoons that are quickly approaching from the Pacific Ocean. The first in line, Typhoon Linfa, has already made landfall in the Philippines and is expected to hit Hong Kong on Wednesday night.

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Linfa's heavy rains have caused flooding, even in Manila, which is 200km south of the storm’s center, reports The Washington Post.

However, it is Typhoon Chan-hom (seen in the video below), the largest of the three, that is the most threatening. Chan-hom’s winds span over 124,000 square kilometers, making it larger than the U.S. state of Alaska.

The trio of typoons captured by The Himawari-8 satellite

“The Joint Typhoon Warning Center forecasts the typhoon will undergo a period of rapid intensification as it moves into warm ocean water, reaching Category 4 status with winds of 135 mph on Thursday or Friday,” wrote the paper.

According to the Weather Channel, Okinawa, Taiwan and China are in Chan-hom’s path.

The latter has already evacuated nearly 10,000 people from the eastern province of Fujian ahead of the Linfa and Chan-hom’s landfall.

The final typhoon in the string, Nangka, has sustained winds of 225 kph but is not on pace to hit land at the moment.

While none of these storms are expected to directly impact Vietnam, we can probably expect two to three super storms this year, according to Do Duc Thinh, Director of the Hanoi Dyke Management Department.

[Top photo via the Japan Meteorological Agency]

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