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South Korean Universities Now Offer Vietnamese Language Exams

South Korea now offers a Vietnamese language test on its university entrance exams.

South Korea has a reputation for having one of the most difficult university entrance exams in Asia. Test days last from 8am to 5pm and cover five subjects, including South Korean language, math and either one social science subject (such as geography, politics or economics) or one natural science subject (such as physics, chemistry or biology). English is also required as a main foreign language and students must then select a second foreign language of their choosing. In 2013, Vietnamese language became the newest language added to the list, which includes Russian, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic.

Recently, however, the Vietnamese test is growing in popularity thanks to South Korea's increasing number of business ventures in Vietnam. South Korea ranks fifth among Vietnam's top importers and is an intended destination of business expansion for 49% of South Korean businesses, according to a VTV article published earlier this month.

Thirty multiple-choice questions are included on the Vietnamese exam in order to evaluate a test-taker's grammar, vocabulary and usage of the language. Although its addition to the national university examination is recent, Vietnamese language tests have been administered in South Korea for some time, according to Mot The Gioi. Many universities in the country now also have a faculty of Vietnamese language as more students are beginning to see the benefit of Vietnamese in business.

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