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Indonesia Threatens to Deport Leonardo DiCaprio for Palm Oil Comments

Actor, environmentalist and noted bear fighter Leonardo DiCaprio is definitely not getting any Instagram likes from the Indonesian government.

The Revenant actor recently pointed out environmental destruction caused by Indonesia's palm oil industry on the social media app, irking officials who claim the star is engaging in a “black campaign” to undermine the sovereignty of the Indonesian government, reports Asian Correspondent. You may recall this as the same palm oil industry responsible for last year's haze over Saigon, Singapore, Malaysia and, of course, large swaths of Indonesia. Palm oil plantations are currently deforesting the island nation at twice the rate of the Amazon and earning Indonesia a spot among the top three greenhouse gas emitters on the planet.

In a series of Instagram posts from late March, DiCaprio documented his trip – along with Hollywood actors Adrien Brody and Fisher Stevens – to northern Sumatra, where the trio visited the Leuser Ecosystem, a national park whose rainforest has suffered at the hands of the palm oil industry.

[The Leuser Ecosystem's] forests are home to the densest remaining populations of the critically endangered Sumatran #orangutan,” the star wrote. “But Palm Oil expansion is destroying this unique place. Now is the time to save the Leuser Ecosystem. We must develop a permanent solution to protect and restore this valuable natural asset.”

Needless to say, Indonesian official did not double-tap on the photo. According to the Guardian, Immigration Director-General Ronny Sompie told Indonesian news outlet Republika that DiCaprio ran the risk of deportation for acting outside the limits of his tourist visa.

“If there are statements that discredit the government and the interests of Indonesia, he could be deported,” Sompie said. “If he is in Indonesia for other purposes, by engaging in activities that disrupt public order and harm the interests of Indonesia, immigration authorities are ready to deport him.”


The lowland #rainforest of the Leuser Ecosystem are considered the world’s best remaining habitat for the critically endangered Sumatran #elephant. In these forests, ancient elephant migratory paths are still used by some of the last #wild herds of Sumatran elephants. But the expansion of Palm Oil plantations is fragmenting the #forest and cutting off key elephant migratory corridors, making it more difficult for elephant families to find adequate sources of food and water. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is supporting local partners to establish a mega-fauna sanctuary in the Leuser Ecosystem, last place on Earth where Sumatran orangutans, tigers, rhinos and elephants coexist in the wild. Click the link in the bio to stand with @haka_sumatra as they fight to protect the Leuser Ecosystem. #SaveLeuserEcosystem #Indonesia

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DiCaprio, however, has since left the country. The actor made his Indonesia trip while touring Asia to promote The Revenant; DiCaprio's foundation has plans to partner with award-winning conservationalist Rudi Putra to create a wildlife sanctuary in the Leuser Ecosystem.

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