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[Video] Foreigner Calls out Chinese Line-Jumper in 3 Different Dialects

In Vietnam, where creative queuing is often practiced – if queuing is practiced at all – dealing with someone who cuts in line is a common occurrence.

As it turns out, the same is true in China. However, one foreign resident of our northern neighbor recently called out a line-jumper in public and scored a victory for everyone – foreign or local – who has ever dealt with an unfair queuing system.

In the video below, a foreigner is waiting in line when two Chinese women walk up and cut in front of him.

“Hello? Hello?” the foreigner says, according to The Nanfang. “Can you please line-up in the queue behind?”

Pretending not to understand, the woman slips into a Wuhan dialect, saying: “What is this ‘zebra’ talking about? I don’t understand a word you are saying.”

But this is where the tables begin to turn against her. “Don’t cut in line,” the man replies, also in Wuhan dialect. “Do you understand me now?”

In a last-ditch attempt, the woman speaks in Dongbei dialect: “What do you want?” she says. “When did you see me cut in line?” She then proceeds to use a common Chinese insulting which translates to: “You must be sick.”

Once again shifting to another dialect, the man responds: “Go stand in line, otherwise everyone here will criticize you. What do you mean ‘What do you want?’ Your cutting in line should have a rational reason.”

Backed into a corner, the woman decides she no longer wants to be in line and storms away.

[Video via The Nanfang]

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