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Super Blop!! A Culture Cook-Off and Art Party

Programme and description as written by the organisers:

* 2-4pm: cooking contest (Cuộc thi nấu ăn) Chef line-up: Xem, Bông, mì ăn liền, X★?, Space Panther, v.i.v.i.d, Green Youth Collective

* 4-6pm: free tasting (Nếm thử món ăn miễn phí và chọn ra đội thắng cuộc) DJ set: Knappe

* 6-11pm: performances (Biểu diễn nghệ thuật nghe - nhìn)

- Electronic music (Nhạc điện tử): YOSI HORIKAWA (Japan), Jase Nguyen, Foniks, Space Panther, Time Keeper, Solid Machine

-Live visuals (Biểu diễn nghệ thuật thị giác): Crazy Monkey, Cao Hoang Long, Yen Apus


Super Blôp !!!

Super Blôp is an event unlike any other. Combining the best of cutting edge media art performance and music with damn good food by some of the most interesting creative talents in Saigon.

We may not fully understand everyone's art or forms of creative expression, but we all have to eat and cook at some point. So we devised a little cooking contest for creative people. This is a chance for people engaged in very different or very similar creative practices, to come have fun together, engage in some friendly rivalry, and be momentarily united by a common love for food.

To come and cook for us, we've invited a diverse group of creatives--from musicians, to photographers, to promoters, to eco-activists--to spotlight their mad skills in the kitchen. But while they're busy in the stove-front, DJ KNAPPE will by supplying the soundtrack.

What's even better than cooking? Eating, of course! And you, our dear community, will help us judge the results of out little cook-off experiment. Come early and register to be a judge and help determine the winning team!

When the sun's down and the belly's full, we'll be premiering new music and new visuals by some of Saigon's most exciting artists and creative producers, some of them right after they cook for you!

With 3-screens surrounding the performance stage, we're giving plenty of space for new visual experiments with live video and choreography by Crazy Monkey, Cao Hoang Long and Yen Apus whose content and hot eye-candy are so already in your face, your face will melt.

Wonderkid YOSI HORIKAWA (JP) returns to Saigon for one more performance after his triumphant European tour, creating exciting new music along the way using the sounds in the places he's visited, including some new tracks from his last visit to Vietnam.

Keeping it steady is JASE NGUYEN with his sonic chops and ninja ways, veering slightly more leftfield this time, while cosmic LA-transplant FONIKS supply us with some Californian-dreaming and sun-soaked vibes by way of Saigon.

Making his debut performance is Vietnamese electronic musician, SOLID MACHINE. With an EP already under his belt, and more releases to follow, it's about time this sound designer and music producer gets the spotlight.

Incorporating a unique blend of psyched-out downtempo with tripped-out live visual performance, SPACE PANTHER, has been attracting a lot attention and a fast growing fan base since their debut performance just a few months ago.

Super Blôp will also debut new material from a band that has been off the radar and busy in the studio the past few months: TIME KEEPER. Constantly experimenting and reinventing themselves, they've now shed off some of the guitar-riffage, for more IDM, breakbeats and progressive electronics while still maintaining a nuanced post-rock edge.

Entrance fee: 50,000 VND (Free entrance for students with ID)


Saturday, 16 November

2:00 - 11:00pm

Saigon Outcast | 188/1 Nguyễn Văn Hưởng, Thảo Điền, Quận 2

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