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Vietnam Launches Campaigns to Revitalize Tourism Industry Hit by Coronavirus

The campaigns are the effort to compensate for the losses in tourism revenue due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to The Saigon Times, the Vietnam Administration of Tourism (VNAT) has sent a dispatch on February 25 to tourism management agencies and businesses calling for their participation in the campaign.

Specifically, two campaigns will be run alongside each other, one to boost domestic tourism and another to boost international tourism. The campaign targeting domestic tourists is titled “Vietnam is safe,” and will run from March until August 2020.

The campaign for international tourism boost will run from April until December 2020, focusing on Southeast Asia, India, Russia, Australia and Europe markets. The campaign will be kick-started by the F1 race in Hanoi occurring from April 3 to 5, Ha Noi Moi reports.

The campaigns will have initiatives that offer discounts on entrance fees at some tourist attractions, cheaper flight tickets for tourist groups. National carrier Vietnam Airlines has already come on board by signing a partnership deal with the VNAT. As a result of the deal, flight tickets for both domestic and international tour groups will receive 50% off.

While boosting the number of tourists visiting the country, Vietnam also maintains strict regulations on travelers who have come from infected areas.

Foreigners traveling from areas that have reported cases of Covid-19 are not allowed to enter Vietnam. The exception includes those traveling for official duties, in which case they have to make health declaration and undergo a 14-day quarantine. Vietnamese citizens who are returning from regions affected by Covid-19 are also subjected to a 14-day quarantine.

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