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[Photos] Taiwanese Toilet-Themed Restaurant Becomes International Hit

It may be difficult to believe, but a restaurant that specializes in toilet-related foods and dining ware has become so popular, it now boasts 12 locations throughout Asia.

The chain, Modern Toilet, debuted in 2004 in Taiwan and seats diners atop toilet-shaped seats where they can enjoy drinks served in urinal-shaped glasses and hot pots served in mini toilet bowls.

The deserts have particularly appetizing names like “diarrhea with dried droppings” (chocolate ice cream), “bloody poop” (strawberry ice cream), and “green dysentery” (kiwi-flavored ice cream which is, yep, green).

If you're wondering how it all started, you might not be surprised to find that manga and a toilet were involved:

"It all started when one of us was reading the manga, Dr. Slump on the toilet – and the rest is history. In the beginning, we mainly sold ice cream – a big pile of chocolate ice cream sold in containers shaped like a squat toilet. This humorous spin became a great success.After much planning from all of our partners, we finally took the first step towards realizing our dreams.” according to the restaurant's website.

Modern Toilets can be found in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Japan and soon Malaysia.

We're all for dining in the dark and eating art, but this pushes the culinary boundaries a bit too far for our tastes.

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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