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In what sounds like something out of a movie, an American tourist managed to escape the wrath of an angry crowd in the resort city of Pattaya after a “wrecking spree” that damaged 13 vehicles and an resulted in car chase with local police.

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During the incident that occurred last weekend, the 29-year-old traveler, identified by the Thai press only as Samantha, sped the wrong way down the city’s main streets. After damaging vehicles and injuring two motorbikers, police began a 30-minute chase during which they shot out three of the tourist’s tires, reports the Asian Correspondent

“It was a crazy bit of driving,” one police officer said. “The American woman struck a motorcycle going the wrong side down the road then kept going. She turned a corner and kept hitting other vehicles, 13 at last count.”

After finally coming to a stop, the woman locked herself in the white Toyota Innova around which an angry mob began to form.

With the crowd growing increasingly angry, Police smashed on the of car’s windows, handcuffed and arrested Samantha who left the scene unscathed.

She was eventually ordered to pay a traffic fine, in addition to repairs for the damaged vehicles and the hospital bills of those injured.  

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