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[Photos] In Da Nang, a Symmetrical Twin House for Two Close Friends

Have you ever loved a friend so much that you build a house to cohabitate with him and his family?

This latest project by Da Nang-based architecture firm 85 Design is a testament to the power of lifelong friendship. The duplex was completed recently on a 380-square-meter plot of land in the coastal city. According to architect To Huu Dung, who spearheaded the project, this is “the most fascinated [sic] project up to this point in [his] life.”

The homeowners are two middle-aged couples who requested a “twin” structure so the two families could live together on the same plot of land. They’re very close friends so they planned to live close to one another in a location within close proximity to nature. The Son Tra Peninsula in the city was the ideal neighborhood for making that dream a reality.

Each unit of the duplex is structurally similar, but are completely separated, though there is a communal area on the ground floor. Simplicity, functionality and green spaces were all top priorities for the project. The interior is inspired by industrial design styles with exposed bricks, metallic frames and wood accents, common elements in 85 Design. Saigoneer readers might recognize their style inthrough two coffee shop projects that we featured previously here and here.

Have a look at the comfy duplex below:

[Photos by 85 Design via ArchDaily]

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