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Hanoi to Lose More Trees in Metro Construction

As the capital's metro construction continues, Hanoi will say goodbye to more of its trees.

Hanoi Urban Railway Management recently marked another 40 trees on Kim Ma and Xuan Thuy Streets to be removed in preparation for a new rail line linking the Nhon and Hanoi railway stations, reports DTI.

Though some have been spared, this is the latest in a series of hundreds of trees felled in the name of development. According to Thanh Nien, transportation officials also planned to cut down an additional 19 trees and transplant eight others elsewhere by January 20. While there's no confirmation as to whether this took place, it's safe to say the trees will be axed if they haven't already. 

The 12.5-kilometer-long railway slated to go up in place of these trees includes 8.5 kilometers of above-ground track and four below. Though the capital has removed trees in the past for the sake of development, it has also faced backlash from local residents opposed to the idea. This fresh round of tree-cutting is no different.

“There must be a measure to keep this line of trees,” Kim Ma resident Nguyen Minh Nguyet told DTI. “It takes many years to grow such trees. To keep them means keeping the city green.”

The forthcoming Hanoi Metro will cost the city US$1.57 billion and is expected to finish by 2018.

[Photo via VnExpress]

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